Chiropractic Advice On Avoiding The pains Of Parenting

 Chiropractic Help On Avoiding The Pains Of Parenting

Market Harborough based Chiropractor Dr Tracy Dixon of Archway Chiropractic continues her ‘How To…’ series on avoiding injuries from our daily activities.

They say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and being one myself, I happen to agree! It’s also the best job in the world too. But there can be many times that being a parent can be painful, such as lifting, carrying, feeding, and even playing with your child. New research has found that back and neck pain suffered by parents in the Midlands is having an impact on childcare (British Chiropractic Association). As high as 82% of people in the Midlands have suffered from back or neck pain at some point in their lives, with 61% of these being parents. And over half of parents in our region say that their back or neck pain has prevented them from lifting or carrying their child. But it often doesn’t stop there, it is affecting carrying their child’s car seat or even preventing them from playing with their children.

As a parent myself, I understand how easy it is to put strain on your back when looking after young children, as you are constantly carrying them from A to B, bending down to pick up their toys and generally attending to them. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you are not damaging your spine in the process. The following advice offers ways that you can look after your children whilst maintaining a healthy spine:

In the early days, choosing the right cot can have a huge impact on our spinal health. Choose one that fits in the bedroom whilst still allowing easy access to key areas, and one that has a base of varying heights. The less you have to lift and lean to put your child into the cot, the better. A 5kg weight at your chest equates to five times that amount at arms length, so placing your child in the cot, whilst keeping them as close to you as possible, is best for your back; a cot that has drop down sides will aid with this as you can place your baby straight across onto the mattress, rather than lifting up and over high side harborough chiropractic avoiding parenting injuries

Feeding your baby can place another strain on your neck and back. Try to choose a comfortable position where your arms are not bearing your baby’s weight; use pillows or a feeding cushion instead. Try to change position regularly if possible and alternating feeding sides is a good idea when bottle feeding too, as it equally spreads the strain.

Tips for out and about and playing:

  • Carry your baby as close as possible to your centre of gravity, across your front or back is best. A carrier / sling is a good option.
  • Encourage toddlers to do as much as possible, as appropriate, such as getting into their car seat.
  • Select a pram or pushchair with adjustable height handles, so that you can walk upright with a straight spine and your hands resting at a comfortable height.
  • When playing with your child, try to get down to their level, rather than bending over.
  • Avoid spending too long kneeling down as this can put pressure on the knees. If you are kneeling, keep your back straight.
  • In any position, it is easy to get absorbed in what you and your child are doing. Try to remember to change position regularly.
  • Don’t bend to pick up toys, bend your knees. Watch your child and observe the natural squatting posture they use to pick things up.

chiropractor advice on lifting

If after following these tips you still sustain an injury of your muscles, bones or joints, chiropractic may have the answer. During Chiropractic Awareness Week, 15th – 21st April, Dr Tracy Dixon, Chiropractor at Archway Chiropractic on Lubenham Hill (based atArchway House Natural Health Centre), is offering Free Screen appointments.

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