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Chiropractor Tracy Dixon is the driving force behind ergonomics and health assessment company Positura, which specialises in diagnosing, preventing and managing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Positura believes that employees are a company’s biggest asset, and as such, it pays to make effective investment in their wellbeing; in fact, statistics show that companies who invest in a healthy workplace program will see productivity rise by up to 20%. Utilising the services that Positura can offer can also lessen the financial burden of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, which are estimated to result in over 9 million lost working days a year.

Positura offers assessments to individuals or whole companies, including DSE Risk Assessments (a legal requirement for DSE users), Workstation Evaluations, and Driver Posture Assessments. Positura also offers health assessments in conjunction with their ergonomic assessments, including the Musculoskeletal Health Assessment and the Postural Health Assessment.



Archway Health Hub

Chiropractor Tracy Dixon is proud to be a member of the exceptional team at Archway Health Hub, the centre for complimentary therapies in Market Harborough. Established in 1997, the team of practitioners at Archway House offer a wide range of services alongside chiropractic, including acupuncture, sports massage, nutritional therapy, health kinesiology, homeopathy, and counselling.

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General Chiropractic Council

The GCC is an independent statutory body established by Parliament to regulate all chiropractors in the UK to ensure the safety of patients undergoing chiropractic treatment.

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