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What does chiropractic treatment involve?

Chiropractic utilises a number of different techniques, and these will be selected depending on your particular diagnosis, your age, and your level of discomfort when you first present as a patient. The treatment options include:tracydixonchiropractorspinal

Spinal/Extremity Manipulation

Chiropractors use a form of manual therapy, known as manipulation, or an adjustment. These ‘adjustments’ are usually pain-free and are used to gently unlock, by hand, the joints that have stiffened. They help return the joint to normal function, remove nerve irritation, create reflexes that reduce muscle spasm, and they help to relieve pain and discomfort.

Soft Tissue Work

At Archway Chiropractic, your chiropractor will utilise a number of soft tissue techniques to help the healing process. This may include deep tissue massage techniques, trigger point therapy, muscle stretch techniques, dry needling, and the Acumag Massager.

Activator MethodActivator Method Chiropractic treatment in Market Harborough

The Activator Method uses a handheld spring-loaded instrument that delivers a consistent low-force adjustment that is very gentle and comfortable for the patient. Patients of all ages can benefit from the Activator technique. It is particularly helpful for children who sometimes have trouble lying still, or older patients; those with arthritis, osteoporosis or other bone-weakening conditions find the Activator Method to be effective and gentle. It is also helpful for adjusting elbows, wrists, knees and many of the joints in the feet.

Sacro-Occipital Technique

The sacro-occipital technique, or SOT, is a chiropractic technique designed to help normalise the relationship between the pelvis and the head. In SOT, the integrity of the spine, and the function of the nervous system it protects, begins with the pelvis.This is constantly subjected to the pull of gravity, and if pelvic stability is lost, it produces effects throughout the body.

At Archway Chiropractic, we use wedge-shaped ‘blocks’ that are positioned under the pelvis when lying down to correct the spine and help ‘tune’ the nervous system. By using gravity and the weight of your own body, gentle corrections are made naturally, resulting in healthier patterns of spinal function. Along with safe and consistent results, SOT is known for emphasising patient comfort….. many of our patients want to take the ‘blocks’ home with them after their treatment!

Acumag Massagerhome_pro_pounding_massager

This is a professional deep tissue pounding massager. This gives a more concentrated massage, resulting in greater soft tissue relaxation. It has been proven to be able to penetrate down into the deep and soft muscle tissue, which is normally only reached after hours of intensive hands-on massage. It is a particular favourite of our patients at Archway Chiropractic!

Dry Needling

chiropractic treatment dry needling

Dry needling is a technique that uses very fine acupuncture needles in the treatment of muscular tension and spasm. It is called “Dry” needling because nothing is injected into the tissues. This technique offers a safe and effective way to rapidly deactivate painful muscle knots, known as trigger points. Dry Needling has been shown to decrease muscle spasm/contraction, reduce chemical irritation, improve flexibility and decrease pain. Please note, whilst dry needling uses the same type of needles, it is a different form of treatment to traditional acupuncture. Tracy Dixon DC is trained in the use of Dry Needling and is not a traditional acupuncturist.

Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy)

Cryotherapy is the application of cold to temporarily relieve pain. The most common form of cryotherapy is the application of ice; at Archway Chiropractic, we use Biofreeze gel following treatment. This gel is classed as a topical analgesic and produces the same sensation of cold that accompanies icing. Biofreeze is the only pain relieving gel that contains 100% natural menthol and 100% natural herbs; it is the only analgesic with ILEX, a herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. The ILEX works to extend the properties of the gel, which in combination with your chiropractic treatment, results in longer lasting pain relief and acceleration of the healing process. It is safe to use for all patients, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Archway Chiropractic can supply individual sachets of Biofreeze gel for use when travelling; the sachets are small enough to be carried on in your hand luggage for use during a flight.

The Webster’s Technique

The Webster Technique is performed during pregnancy to reduce the effects of dysfunction of the sacral/pelvic area, and to ensure the mother’s pelvis is well aligned and her muscles and ligaments are under normal tension.The technique was first developed by chiropractor Dr Larry Webster DC in 1976 in response to his granddaughter’s difficult labour.

The Webster Technique is defined as “a chiropractic analysis and adjusting technique that reduces interference to the nerves and facilitates biomechanical balance in the pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments. This has been shown to reduce the effects of intrauterine constraint, allowing the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.” (Dr Jeanne Ohm DC, Webster’s Technique educator).

The ICPA (International Chiropractic Paediatric Association) recognises that in the care of pregnant women, dysfunction of the sacral/pelvic area may contribute to a difficult labour for the mother (known as dystocia); it is proposed that pelvic dysfunction may cause interference to the nerves of the uterus, misalignment of the sacrum/pelvis, and tightening of specific pelvic muscles and ligaments. This can cause inadequate function of the uterus, along with the condition known as intrauterine constraint, where the tense muscles and ligaments, and their constraining effect on the uterus, prevent the baby from comfortably assuming the head down (normal) presentation.

The resulting abnormal presentation is known as “breech”, when the baby’s bottom or feet – rather than the head – are presenting into the lower part of the uterus. Many breech babies spontaneously correct without assistance, before or even during labour. However, it is preferable for the baby to be head down by the time labour begins to facilitate delivery and minimise potential intervention.

The Webster Technique should not be interpreted as an obstetric “breech turning” technique; rather, it simply allows the baby to have maximum space in which to turn itself, if possible, and only when it is ‘ready’ to move. There is no contact with the baby and therefore it is not stressful to the unborn child in any way. This is entirely different to external cephalic version (ECV) which is performed by qualified obstetricians and midwives, and involves manually trying to move the baby into the head-down position.

Dr Tracy Dixon DC is qualified in the use of the Webster Technique. For more information, please contact us here.

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